From the beginning of his career, Sylvain Le Hen stood out for his unique vision of hairdressing, boldly combining his love for fashion and his hair expertise.

His encounter with the prestigious world of haute couture, working alongside renowned houses such as Dior, Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Hermès, shaped his understanding of elegance and refinement. It was this enriching experience that inspired him to merge his know-how as a hairdresser-stylist with his penchant for design and quality materials.

Sylvain Le Hen's bright idea: to create hair accessories that are not simple ornaments but real centerpieces capable of transforming a silhouette. Each creation of the HAIR DESIGNACCESS brand reflects this philosophy.

The accessories, carefully made in France, are designed to perfectly fit the shape of the head and adapt harmoniously to all hair types. Whether headbands, pins, barrettes, clips, bows or headbands, each piece is worked in brass then covered with gold or silver, using leather or materials selected with the greatest attention.

Sylvain Le Hen has thus elevated the hair accessory to the rank of wardrobe essential, offering every woman the opportunity to reinvent her style with ease and sophistication. Whether you want to tie your hair in a ponytail, a bun, a half-head, or simply enhance your face, HAIR DESIGNACCESS offers you a perfect alchemy between comfort and aesthetics.

The hair accessory by Sylvain Le Hen is more than a charming asset, it is a tool for daily transformation, allowing each woman to express her personality and reinforce her look with elegance and modernity.

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