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Headband 038 - thin metal head ring


unisex accessory, the headband 038 is made of a silver  metallic thread and braided elastic band color. Flexible and airy, these materials provide a real lightness. With a sober style, drawnback hair gives a sens of freedom. A"soft face lift" provided by an ajusted form.

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The Headband 038: The Unisex Accessory for a Touch of Lightness

In the world of unisex fashion accessories, the 038 headband stands out for its discreet elegance and its ability to bring a touch of lightness to any outfit. Made up of a silver metallic wire and a colored braided elastic, this accessory combines both aesthetics and practicality.

A Sober and Elegant Design

The 038 headband stands out with its sober and refined design. Unlike some more imposing accessories, it opts for a minimalist aesthetic that suits both men and women. Its simplicity makes it a versatile accessory, perfect to accompany both a casual outfit and an evening dress.

Lightness and Comfort

Lightness is one of the main characteristics of the 038 headband. Thanks to its silver metallic wire construction and its braided elastic, it offers a feeling of comfort and freedom throughout the day. The materials used are soft and airy, allowing the skin to breathe and avoiding any feeling of discomfort, even when worn for long hours.

A Touch of Freedom

Wearing the 038 headband means opting for a feeling of freedom. By holding the hair pulled back elegantly, it provides a "gentle lifting" effect, highlighting the face and freeing the neck. This feeling of lightness and freedom gives the wearer self-confidence and a refined look.

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